Learning to play a Theremin


For me composing paintings and music are two parallel processes where articulation of space is one of the important aspects. I embrace dissonance and polyphony, focus on vectors of movement and speed of sounds that are tactile and spacious, through … Continue reading



When looking at what is made and how an image or object is expressed we can see what an artist knows about art and thinks about what art is. Every artwork says something, at least about the artist who created … Continue reading



Art making is always social.  Even if social content is not illustrated, it will be present in the artwork through other means.  Artwork is an artificial social object and is a result of available technology, materials, and knowledge about the … Continue reading

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Beauty, harmony, improvisation


Should a person / a viewer standing in front of my painting experience emotion, feel something? Basic beauty is a biological response to outside stimulus. Humans respond favorably (or not) to anatomical proportions, to colors of flowers, and songs of … Continue reading

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Russian Painting


This gallery contains 20 photos.

Year 988.  Russia converted to Christianity and until the start of the 18th century Russian painting was almost all religious. The legendary historical account says that Christianity, as it was practiced in Byzantine, was selected because of the beauty that surrounded the … Continue reading

Some Beautiful Words


Epigone – a less distinguished follower or imitator of someone, especially an artist or philosopher.

Paradigm – a typical example or pattern of something; a model.

Neophyte – a person who is new to a subject, skill, or belief.

Essence – the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, that determines its character.

Pareidolia – is a psychological phenomenon; seeing images of animals or faces in clouds.